Brand Bio: 

Divine Arte is an Atlanta based wearable wellness brand bringing together style and good vibes. We locally handcraft unique gemstone jewelry and thoughtful wellness products that you feel good about from the inside, out. 

Divine Arte is an extension of a life journey, one filled with self-confidence, consciousness, compassion, self-work, inner happiness, and finding your life’s purpose. The motivation behind the launch was creative boundlessness – the freedom to create and express on all levels. Ri also envisioned creating opportunities for people to feel good from the inside out, wearing something she created. She states, “I want my jewelry to be impactful. When someone gets a piece from me, I want them to look good in it, but, it’s more important to me that it makes them feel good”. Ri is on a mission to empower people to look within themselves to find everything they need to live well.

Founder Bio:

New York City native and NYFW Jewelry Designer Ri, first fell in love with art and fashion while navigating Manhattan to and from school as a teenager. She was always creative and started making jewelry while studying at The Art Institute of Atlanta. It was there that she first dreamed of building her own a jewelry brand. After 7 years of designing for friends and family, she decided to launch Divine Arte. 

It was her short time in LA that she started studying gemstones, smudging, and the inner healing that comes with a holistic lifestyle. She came back to Atlanta from LA with the intent of taking everything she learned in the past 10 years and creating a business around it.  Since then she’s sold her jewelry and wellness products in local art shows, marketplace pop ups, and retail shops. In the past year, she has grown her company revenue by 300% with an online shop, retail partners, and hosted wellness workshops. Ri states “As Divine Arte grows, I grow as a person. My journey of prioritizing myself, my self care, and working through my traumas directly align with my brand’s mission. I get to affirm the healing properties of my crystal shop because my product line is everything I love and wear/use daily”.