Bringing together style, edge, and good vibes through gemstones weaved into intricate jewelry designs.

     Founded in 2017, Divine Arte is the brainchild of artist Ri Wilson. A native of Spanish Harlem, Ri created a line of handmade jewelry to not just express her creativity, but also to spread good vibes within her community. Her distinctly unique pieces are filled with semi-precious stones that provide everyone that wears them with a combination of crystal healing properties. 

     Divine Arte is an extension of a life journey, one filled with self-confidence, consciousness, compassion, self-work, inner happiness, and finding your life’s purpose. The motivation behind the launch was creative boundlessness – the freedom to create and express on all levels. Ri also envisioned creating opportunities for people to feel good from the inside out, wearing something she created. She states, “I want my jewelry to be impactful. When someone gets a piece from me, I want them to look good in it, but, it’s more important to me that it makes them feel good”. Ri is on a mission to empower people to look within themselves to find everything they need to live well.